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Using wykop.pl API with ruby gem

Created on 2015-01-04 in categories dev , projects , gems
Tagged as: ruby , wykop , api , gem , opensource

How to use wykop.pl API with Ruby. Ready solution can be found here!

Wykop.pl is the most popular social sharing website in Poland with 2 million unique visitors and 50 millions of views monthly ( source ). Some time ago they managed to publish their API, unfortunately its documentation is very crufty and far from “well known” standards. I’m a Ruby fan and there was ‘something is missing’ part - no ruby gem (!!!), at least till now.

Sample and simple script

#!/usr/bin/env ruby
# Sample client for wykop.pl gem
require 'wykop'
CFG_USER_KEY    = 'xxxx'
CFG_USER_NAME   = 'ouna-'
CFG_GEN_SECRET  = 'bbbb'
client = Wykop::Client.new({ app_user_key: CFG_USER_KEY, app_user_secret: CFG_USER_SECRET,app_username: CFG_USER_NAME, app_generated_key: CFG_GEN_SECRET, api_host: 'http://a.wykop.pl' })
if client.login
  ap client.search_profiles({:q => 'ouna-', :page => 2})

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