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Access your Mac via SSH using iCloud

Created on 2014-10-10 in categories ops , tutorial , howto
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If you've ever wondered how to SSH to your Mac from different computer of yours.

Got mac? I’m not a biggest apple fanboy ever but there are few things which I love in their products. First of all - everything just works, mostly out of the box. Second - almost everything what you need in admin / dev role is built-in. For example - instead of openvpn / teamviewer you can use built in screen sharing feature or even ssh to your laptop at home / at work without using any kind of third party software. Sounds great?

How can you ssh to your pc connected to iCloud

Don’t forget to switch on “remote access” in sharing preferences! Open terminal, and..

prompt$ dns-sd -E                                                                                                                                       
Looking for recommended registration domains:
DATE: ---Thu 13 Jun 2013---
12:13:54.040  ...STARTING...
Timestamp     Recommended Registration domain
12:13:54.040  Added     (More)               local
12:13:54.041  Added                          icloud.com
                                             - > btmm
                                             - - > members
                                             - - - > 270000000

Note member id ( or just copy/paste it ). Now you can easily execute SSH command

ssh -2 -6 username@Lukaszs-MacBook-Pro.270000000.members.btmm.icloud.com

There you are. Two simple steps, remote access to your machine, no VPNs, tunneling and 20+ steps tutorials starting with “apt-get install openvpn”.

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