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Best telegram bot for groups

Created on 2018-05-12 in categories dev , projects , social
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Little Guardian Bot project description.

What’s Telegram..

During my travel to middle east I’ve met plenty of people who only mean of communication was either WhatsApp or Telegram. As I’m not too keen on sharing my phone number with people who I just met I have decided to get into “the telegram thingy”, as it makes that type of communication much easier thanks to account aliases, groups and channels.

Shortly after I have created my own group just with people I’ve met, later their friends and it currently grew to over 700 members which makes its management not only time consuming but also challenging.

Why you’ve created the bot?

As a member of few groups I have discovered they’re attacked by spammers on daily basis. It’s usually admins who take care of observing traffic, deleting messages, giving punishments but as everything what requires human interactions - this have it’s flaws. It’s impossible to have admins “guarding” the group 247, detect all the content posted in massive numbers by numerous accounts, to scan every file for viruses etc.

What your bot can do?

For always up-to-date description of the features and functions you can always visit best bot ever official website. Bot currently ( at the time of writing this post ) is present on 25 different groups, doing its job blazingly fast.

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